DISEQUILIBRIUMS. The Individuals. Prologue

PROLOGUE Friday 23 December 2016. Time: one minute before dawn The wind changes direction and the weather vane moves. It has been stationary for an hour. But for a moment, it returns to its normal activity. If it were a person, it would think that it hasn’t taken much effort because it normally points in […]

DISEQUILIBRIUMS. Part 1. Chapter 1

CHAPTER 1 Ten days before… They are rectangular, square, pentagonal, and all linked by some vertex or other and pointed in every direction. Each is a different colour, but with sides of the same thickness, just like the handle of a tennis racket. Each geometric figure is as tall as me. I look all around […]

DISEQUILIBRIUMS. The Individuals. Chapter 2

CHAPTER 2 Tuesday 13 December 2016. Time: 11:30 Said like that, it might be interesting, even for the rest of the class. This teacher is good. As my little brother would say: she is ‘cool’. I, on the other hand, have been bored for some time. I can’t stop looking at the girl in front […]

DISEQUILIBRIUMS. The Individuals. Chapter 3

CHAPTER 3 Thursday 15 December 2016 Time: 08:45 Sofia I’ve seen couples walking along the street hand in hand or with the boy’s arm over the girl’s shoulders. But today I look upon it differently. I look upon it differently because I am one of those couples. We’ve been walking around the city for a […]

DISEQUILIBRIUMS. The Individuals. Chapter 5

CHAPTER 5 Thursday 15 December 2016 Time: 09:00 Sofía Erik’s arm has not been on my shoulder for more than five minutes when, in the distance, as we are going down Joaquín Costa Street towards Plaza de los Sitios, we spot the others who we’ve agreed to meet at the entrance of the Provincial Museum. […]

DISEQUILIBRIUMS. Part 1. Chapter 6

CHAPTER 6 Thursday 15 December 2016 Time: 10:00 David The first thing that strikes you when you enter the Provincial Museum is the enormous hall. It is more than five metres high, lined by tall columns with capitals of the ancient kind which, they told us in class, were decorated with a species of leaves. […]

DISEQUILIBRIUMS. The Individuals. Chapter 7

CHAPTER 7 Thursday 15 December 2016 Time: 11:00 Sofía Going into a museum is normally really boring, especially if you don’t have a clear mission. It was my dad who made my brother, sister, and me look for something more in such places. Not that we had not travelled a lot in our lives. In […]

DISEQUILIBRIUMS. The Individuals. Chapter 9

CHAPTER 9 Thursday 15 December 2016 Time: 16:30 Sofia “Okay Mum, I’m leaving now.” “So soon, dear?” she asks me as I stand up from the table. Today, she looks prettier. For the past few days, she seems worried, as if expecting something to happen. She can’t stop pacing around the house. She goes in […]