DISEQUILIBRIUMS The group. Chapter 2

“Are you all OK?” Erik’s voice between whispers was the first utterance out of our mouths after we fell to the ground. Entering the portal was the easiest part. As we would say afterwards, ‘it was only a small jump’. Because the rest of it… wasn’t so straightforward. When Sofia entered, crying out David’s name […]

DISEQUILIBRIUMS The group. Chapter 1

23 June 2017: Seconds between sunset The heat is stifling. My clothes are sticking to my body and I can’t stop sweating. I feel strange. It doesn’t feel like my body. This has never happened to me before at this time of year. In this city in June, the temperature has always been high, but […]

DISEQUILIBRIUMS The group. Prologue

23 December 2016: It is still dawn The old man is staring at his hands as he draws the curtains. They are strong hands and he knows it. If they could tell you everything they had done during their lifetime, it would be years before they stopped. Hands of all the people they have clasped; […]


Thank you very much for following the story of DISEQUILIBRIUMS The Individuals.   You have had the opportunity to read the 39 chapters and the Prologue free of charge on the project website or by purchasing the complete book in both paper and electronic versions.   The story continues …   In the next few […]

DISEQUILIBRIUMS The Individuals. Chapter 39

Friday 23 December 2016 Time: seconds before dawn   Sofia   Ay! What have I done to myself? I did not see the man who has just collapsed in front of me. I don’t want to keep the group back. They have to succeed and I want them to continue. This cannot fail because of […]

DISEQUILIBRIUMS The Individuals. Chapter 38

Friday 23 December 2016 Time: one minute between dawn David My heart is beating at such an incredible rate. Deep down, I’m trembling with what I am feeling within me. This is the most fantastic experience I’ve ever had in my life. I’m very happy that I’m involved in this adventure. We’re going to re-establish […]

DISEQUILIBRIUMS The Individuals. Chapter 37

Friday 23 December 2016 Time: minutes between dawn Sofia It’s still night, yet we can see the first light of dawn. The door of the Church of La Magdalena is still in darkness. The building is lit up at the beginning of nightfall to provide touristic views of the city and it is switched off […]

DISEQUILIBRIUMS The Individuals. Chapter 36

Friday 23 December 2016 Time: 1:30 am David I can’t stand it! No one is making a decision. We have a pile of information on the table and we don’t know what to do. After the most important days of our lives, we have arrived at a special point. How I have changed. As a […]

DISEQUILIBRIUMS The Individuals. Chapter 35

Friday 23 December 2016 Time: 12:55 am Sofia His last sentence prompted me to ask him what I wanted to know since I saw the parchment. “What does the column on the right mean?” “I am only the Watchmen of Balance and if that balance is in danger,” Nicola explains, making us listen to him […]

DISEQUILIBRIUMS The Individuals. Chapter 34

Friday 23 December 2016 Time: 12:05 am   David Photo supplied by Zaragoza Museum. Author: Jose Garrido Lapeña There are few people walking at this hour of the night on Don Jaime Street. I see a group of university students going into one of the bars on the adjacent streets. The rubbish men are taking […]