This week we have launched a new CREATIVE element, the video game Disequilibriums

When we embarked on the DISEQUILIBRIUMS project we decided that we wanted it to be a transmedia project, we decided that we wanted to involve as much as possible in the areas of creative industries that United Nations is promoting through Creative Economy.

The common thread would be the fictional story based on real elements of the city of Caesaraugusta (now Zaragoza, Spain) the only one to which Emperor Augustus in ancient Rome baptized his own name.

So far we have launched:

  1. ARTS
    1. PHOTOGRAPHY, some of the members of the Foundation have donated their works and we have also bought some works to an artist to spread it on the web.
    2. MUSIC, we have already got a melody, donated by a experienced music composer. Since. it is part of the mystery of the own history of Disequilibriums, will be unveiled later.
    1. DESIGN LOGO, through a graphic design professional, we issued the logo and letter typography
    2. WEB DESIGN, through a specialized company, the website of the project has been designed and maintained.
  3. MEDIA
    1. NARRATIVE, through the fiction novel that is being published periodically in the web , the chapters can be read for free.
    2. EDITING OF BOOKS, and through the book in digital format published in AMAZON (in Spanish and in English) you can buy the book and support ECUUP Foundation and in this way to continue investing in creative projects.
    3. It has begun with the production of a promotional video of the work (in Spanish and in English) and it is planned to continue with more actions in this field
    4. DIGITAL CONTENT, elaboration of contents for the different social networks (Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, linkedin) and blog in which one is participating
    1. HISTORICAL MONUMENTS, the elaboration of the novel itself has needed an investigation that is exposed in the work and historical monuments are analyzed and their relation with the past and a hypothetical future. In addition to discovering the true reason for the initial design of the city in Roman times.
    2. One of the key chapters of the work takes place in the main museum of the city and immerses us in the true key of the story that the protagonists have to find out. How a piece kept for many years in a museum can become the key to a story that can save a city!
    3. SPREADING KNOWLEDGE RAFFLES about historical and locations of monuments through questions about the published work.

And this week we are pleased to announce the new creative element published.

Within the area of MEDIA, ECUUP Foundation has hired a team of young video game developers and the result can be downloaded in beta version for ANDROID.

Its target is not only the fun and determination to overcome the different levels it is proposed to achieve but also mix real stories of cities in which some type of imbalance has happened. With the improvements that the users propose during the beta phase will allow to publish the first version in the next days. We encourage you to download the game on your Smartphone or Tablet and send us comments.

Thank you for supporting us to become more creative every day and to spread creativity.


ECUUP Foundation is committed to investing in sustainable educational and cultural projects, for it ECUUP Foundation is funded from the sale of the products it publishes, publicity and economic contributions from partners and donors.

ECUUP Foundation: “Adding creative value wherever and whenever”

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