DISEQUILIBRIUMS. The Individuals. Chapter 25

CHAPTER 25 Thursday 22 December 2016 Time: 5:00 pm Sofía I had never imagined what I was getting myself into. It is difficult for me to make a decision because deep down all this seems to be based on something that is so imaginative that could only happen in films. After checking the entrance of […]

DISEQUILIBRIUMS. The Individuals. Chapter 24

CHAPTER 24 Thursday 22 December 2016 Time: 4:30 pm David “Are you looking at the same thing that I am looking at?” Elsa, sitting next to me, startled me. The two of us arrive five minutes before Sofia, and although we see her standing looking at the painting opposite, Elsa continues to converse with me […]

DISEQUILIBRIUMS. The Individuals. Chapter 23

CHAPTER 23 Thursday 22 December 2016 Time: 4:00 pm Sofía   Since my father’s disappearance a year ago, it’s the first time that I’ve felt so bad. Fortunately, I’m surrounded by people and I walk unnoticed. Today, I need to feel as one of a crowd, to hide among the multitude. The city is big […]

DISEQUILIBRIUMS. The Individuals. Chapter 22

CHAPTER 22 Thursday 22 December 2016 Time: 3:00 pm David “I’ve already told you that we would be arriving in 15 minutes…” The words of the taxi driver rouse me from my thoughts as he takes me home. “…It’s always the same. Fifteen minutes. The traffic lights on this route are well-synchronised and there are […]

DISEQUILIBRIUMS. The Individuals. Chapter 21

CHAPTER 21 Thursday 22 December 2016 Time: 2:30 pm Sofía   “Is that you, dear?” I hear my mother’s voice from the kitchen as I close the front door behind me. As always, I drop my keys in the first drawer of the hall table next to the entrance into the apartment. “Yes, mum. It’s […]

DISEQUILIBRIUMS. The Individuals. Chapter 19

CHAPTER 19 Thursday 22 December 2016. Time: 1:05 pm Sofía The sun continues shining and the wind has not dropped in intensity. In winter in the Ebro Valley, you always need to have a coat, although the sun’s rays make you think that it is warm. I can still remember my mother’s response when I […]

DISEQUILIBRIUMS. The Individuals. Chapter 17

CHAPTER 17 Monday 19 December 2016 Time: 6:00 pm Sofía Normally, young boys on skateboards practise their new moves near the entrance of the Cathedral of the Saviour (La Seo) and next to the entrance of the old Roman forum. They use the slope for their jumps and use the steps near the fountain to […]